• David Troman

New Year, New Possibilities, More Locks!

Well I'm back again after the Christmas break and thankfully the phone has started to ring. I am conscious however that I haven't done much social media work or website updating over the past couple of weeks, a trap I'm sure a lot of self employed people fall into so I'm expecting maybe a slight lapse in phone calls towards the end of January.

It can often feel like a huge pain to be forever updating and updating and updating about your business and what you're up to. But don't give up! A strong social media presence is what will set you apart from the competition and make you more visible online. Just remember to always use the right buzzwords - "Locksmith", "Manchester", "24 hours", "Emergency call out" etc. Each small contribution helps to move you up google, slowly but surely.

On my next post I'll be giving useful tips on what to do when your uPVC doors and windows start to stick, not close properly or seize up all together. When should you call a locksmith and what can you have a go at yourself.

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